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Bugtracking System

:!: Feb 26, 2014 — DokuWiki has changed its bug tracking system (BTS)

DokuWiki uses github issues for bug tracking. Please report all bugs and feature requests there.

Prior to Feb 26, 2014, DokuWiki used a different application for tracking bugs - old BTS - it is still available for reference.

Reporting Bugs

When reporting bugs please always give as much of the following information as possible:

  • DokuWiki version
  • OS
  • Webserver and version
  • Web browser and version
  • and when asked, run doku.php?do=debug, upload the output somewhere (e.g. pastebin, gist) and add a link to that output in the issue conversation.

Tests Please: if you are able, please attach a failing unit test with your bug report - this really helps a lot.

Please read How to Report Bugs Effectively before submitting a bug.
And remember: Every time you submit a bad bug report, god kills a kitten.

How to use the bugtracking System

First, make sure the bug or feature request isn't already there. Enter some keywords in the search box at the top, then filter the results by clicking Issues, this makes sure you also find already closed bugs – your bug may already be fixed or your new feature already included ;-). For the time being, please also check the old bts.

If you found an existing bugreport on “your” bug, add a comment or attachment if you can provide useful additional information. You can also follow the issue by clicking the subscribe button (lower right).

If you didn't find your bug, use the green New Issue button (upper right) to report it. Include as much information from the list above as you can.

Recently opened tasks

Most recent task on old BTS

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