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-====== ​Bugtracking System ​======+====== ​Reporting DokuWiki Bugs ======
-:!: **Feb 26, 2014** --- DokuWiki ​has changed its bug tracking system (BTS)+Every software ​has bugs. We try to ship the best possible version of DokuWiki every time, but errors happen. This page is here to help you with reporting bugs you might encounter.
-[[DokuWiki]] uses github [[https://​​splitbrain/​dokuwiki/​issues|issues]] for bug tracking. Please report all bugs and feature requests there. ​+===== Make sure it is a Bug =====
-Prior to Feb 26, 2014, DokuWiki used different application ​for tracking bugs - [[http://​​index.php?​project=1|old BTS]] - it is still available for reference.+Before you report something, try to research if the problem you encounter really is bug. Maybe it is intended behavior ​for some reason? Maybe there'​s a [[:config|setting]] you could tune?
-===== Reporting Bugs =====+You should also search the [[https://​​|forum]] if people had the same problem before. Maybe there'​s a fix already? 
 +However, if still in doubt, just open a bug report. We can always close it should it turn out to not be a bug. 
 +===== Check if the problem is already reported ​===== 
 +All DokuWiki bugs should be reported in our bug tracker at GitHub located at: [[https://​​splitbrain/​dokuwiki/​issues]]. For bugs in plugins and templates use the plugin'​s own bugtracker --- you'll find a link to that on the plugin'​s documentation page. 
 +Use the search to check if your problem already has been reported. Also make sure you search through closed bugs as well --- the bug might have been fixed already in development. 
 +If the bug was reported already, check if you can provide additional information to aid fixing the bug. See below on how. 
 +===== Report a Bug ===== 
 +As mentioned above, DokuWiki bugs **have** to be reported at [[https://​​splitbrain/​dokuwiki/​issues]]. You will need a free GitHub account to do so. Please **do not** report bugs anywhere else (IRC, Twitter, Forum). The Bug Tracker at GitHub is the only canonical way to report a bug. Again: report plugin bugs in the plugin'​s bug tracker. 
 +When reporting a bug you should try to include as much information as possible that helps developers with identifying the problem. 
 +This can include:
-When reporting bugs please always give as much of the following information as possible: 
   * DokuWiki version   * DokuWiki version
-  * OS +  * Operating system of the server and client 
-  * Webserver and version +  * The used web server 
-  * Web browser and version +  * The used PHP version 
-  * and when asked, run ''​doku.php?​do=debug'​', ​upload ​the output somewhere ​(e.g.  ​[[|pastebin]], [[|gist]]) and add link to that output in the issue conversation.+  * The used browsers (try multiple) 
 +  * Everything that's special about your setup (pluginsauth backends, weird network config, etc.) 
 +  * Exact steps to reproduce ​the problem 
 +  * Screenshots 
 +It is especially important to gather exact error messages! See if you can find error logs from the web server and the JavaScript console ​(see below). 
 +Please also read [[​bugs.html|How to Report Bugs Effectively]] for more tips on submitting useful bug reports. 
 +===== How to obtain additional info ===== 
 +As mentioned aboveDokuWiki developers need detailed error messages to debug a problem. Sometimes those are printed directly to the screen, but sometimes they aren'​t. In those cases you might want to check the following options: 
 +==== Server/PHP Error Logs ==== 
 +Whenever something goes fatally wrong, PHP will just stop processing your request. This usually results in a [[faq:blankpage|blank or partially rendered page]]. Sometimes errors are less grave but things are still missing. 
 +In all of those cases PHP will log an error message to some log file. Where exactly that log file resides is different from system to system. Errors might be logged to the web server'​s error log, the system global log or a specific PHP error log. This is configured in the [[phpfn>​error_log]] directive in php.ini. 
 +Typical locations are: 
 +  * ''​/var/log/​apache2/​error.log''​ 
 +  * ''/​var/​log/​apache/​error.log''​ 
 +  * ''​/var/​log/​httpd/​error.log''​ 
 +  * ''/​var/​log/​syslog''​ 
 +If you are on hosted server, best ask your provider where to find that log.  If you don't have access to ''​php.ini''​ and can't find the log file you could also try adding the following to the ''​.htaccess''​ file in your DokuWiki root folder: 
 +php_value display_errors 1 
 +php_value display_startup_errors 1 
-**Tests Please:** if you are able, please attach a failing [[devel:​unittesting|unit test]] with your bug report - this really helps //a lot//.+That may send the error message to the browser.
-Please read [[http://​​~sgtatham/​bugs.html|How to Report Bugs Effectively]] before submitting a bug.\\ +==== JavaScript Console log ====
-And remember: [[http://​​post/​Every-time-you-submit-a-bad-bug-report,​-god-kills-a-kitten|Every time you submit a bad bug report, god kills a kitten]].+
-===== How to use the bugtracking System =====+Sometimes things go wrong on the client side (inside your browser). To figure out what, you will need to access the JavaScript console of your browser. To do so use the following keyboard shortcuts:
-First, make sure the bug or feature request isn't already there. Enter some keywords in the search box at the top, then filter ​the results by **clicking ​''​Issues''​**, this makes sure you also find already closed bugs -- your bug may already be fixed or your new feature already included ;-).  For the time being, please also check the [[http://​​index.php?​project=1|old bts]].+^ Browser ^ Windows/​Linux ​               ^ Mac                       ^ 
 +| Chrome ​ | ''​Ctrl''​ + ''​Shift''​ + ''​J''​ | ''​Cmd''​ + ''​Opt''​ + ''​J''​ | 
 +| Firefox | ''​Ctrl''​ + ''​Shift''​ + ''​K''​ | ''​Cmd''​ + ''​Opt''​ + ''​K''​ | 
 +| Internet Explorer | ''​F12'​', then click on the “Console” tab      || 
 +| Safari ​ |                              | ''​Cmd''​ + ''​Opt''​ + ''​C''​ |
-If you found an existing bugreport on "​your"​ bugadd a comment or attachment if you can provide useful additional informationYou can also follow ​the issue by clicking ​the ''​subscribe''​ button (lower right).+If you see any errors (usually shown in red) in the consolego to your [[plugin:​config|config manager]] and disable the [[config:​compress|“compress” setting]]Reload ​the page and check the JavaScript console for errors again.
-If you didn'​t ​find your bug, use the green ''​New Issue''​ button (upper right) ​to report ​it ​Include as much information from the list above as you can.+If you find errors in the JavaScript console you should always attach them to your bug report. ​Preferably ​the ones found with the "​compress"​ setting disabled. However, sometimes errors only show up with "​compress enabled"​ --- in that case send us these error messages.
 ===== Recently opened tasks ===== ===== Recently opened tasks =====
-{{rss> 1h}}+[[http://​​dokuwiki-recently-opened-tasks|{{​master/​dist/​png/​feed.png?16x16&recache|Subscribe to ‘DokuWiki:​ Recently Opened Tasks’ by RSS}}]]  [[https://​​fb/​a/​mailverify?​uri=dokuwiki-recently-opened-tasks&amp;loc=en_US|{{https://​​legacy-icons/​famfamfam-silk/​master/​dist/​png/​email.png?​16x16&recache|Subscribe to ‘DokuWiki:​ Recently Opened Tasks’ by email}}]]
-==== Most recent task on old BTS ====+{{rss>​http://​​dokuwiki-recently-opened-tasks date author}}
-{{rss>​http://​​feed.php?​feed_type=rss2&​project=1 4h}} 
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