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Browser Support

We recommend an up-to-date version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera to use DokuWiki for the best experience. Internet Explorer 9 or higher will work too, but please read the details below.

Other browsers will of course work for browsing the wiki but certain features might be broken.

Internet Explorer

Even though recent Internet Explorer versions became better and better they still lack a lot of features other browsers already support. With the introduction of the Google Chrome browser, the speed of browser development changed dramatically. Chrome and Firefox are now automatically updated about every few months, while Microsoft still needs years to release new versions of Internet Explorer. If you have a choice, do not use Internet Explorer.

If you don't have a choice, you can still install Chrome without admin rights, or you can use any portable version of supported browsers.

DokuWiki developers take care to make DokuWiki usable in Internet Explorer 9 or higher. But not all features may be available in IE. Certain design elements (eg. rounded corners) or advanced functionally (like drag'n'drop uploading multiple files) may be missing when using Internet Explorer.

We ask all company IT administrators: please provide your users with alternative browsers. Giving users better tools, allows them to do their jobs better. Having a modern browser is an important part of the modern workplace. And yes, there are ways for automatic, unattended setup of eg. Firefox.

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