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Add a configuration that allows wiki syntax in headers

:!: This bounty is SUSPENDED AGAIN because I had a proposal of an alternative which might be effective. I'll reopen or close this bounty after few days.:!:
I closed this bounty.

This bounty is in order to enable wiki syntax in headers.

I read this faq, but DokuWiki's some competitors such as MediaWiki allow wiki syntax in headers, so I think it is worth considering adding a configuration “Allow wiki syntax in headers.”

Currently there seems to be nothing that can be done with plugins. The plugin Header2 and Header3 became unavailable due to a technical reason (See this conversation). Codes of these two plugins will be helpful when you will go about this request.

I hope someone will help me.

  • Offer: 30 USD at least (I'll consider increasing the funds if you want)
  • Offer Open: Until end of 2018
  • Contact: HokkaidoPerson
    • E-mail: dosankomali [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] jp (:!: not “dosankomail” but “dosankomali”)
    • Twitter: @YukkuriDosanko (Tweeting in Japanese, but English is acceptable)
    • I can accept inquiries in English or Japanese. (英語もしくは日本語で受け答え出来ます。本件の詳細についてはお尋ね下さい。)

Allow automatically ordered/numbered columns in tables

  • Specification: I would like to create tables which have a column within continuous numbers like e.g. in Excel.
  • Example:
Number Data
1 But numbers shall be
2 created automatically
  • Payment: 25 Euro (via PayPal or EU bank transfer)
  • How long/valid until: on hold (currently evaluating possible solutions)
  • Who I am: Michael Zeidler, twisteeer [at] web [dot] de
  • OTHERS: Feel free to add money if you like to have this bounty too.
Solved with the Autonumbering Plugin. Many thanks to Pat Brown for this recommendation and his time for detailed clarification. — Michael Zeidler 2015-05-11 16:12

Version control with branching


We use DokuWiki for online documentation of our Opsview product:

We split out the documentation based on the release number of our product, so this allows us to make sure documentation is valid for a specific release. Our workflow is that for an upcoming release, we copy the entire subdirectory/namespace and rename to the new release number and we update documentation based on the changes for that new release as we develop.

However, we find we need branching. For instance, we could fix a problem in an earlier release, but only the specific release document would be updated - it is a manual task to update later releases. This manual task is sometimes forgotten. This in turn means that we could “lose” changes because we only cut new releases based on the latest release.

For our code procedures, if we update an older release, we can just use subversion to merge changes between branches. I'd like some automatic merging to take place behind the scenes by DokuWiki, though it would obviously have to flag if there are conflicts.

So this bounty specifically requires that I can:

  • make a change to a document at any particular release
  • changes are merged “upstream” to later releases automatically
  • conflicts are flagged within the DokuWiki interface for manual resolution
  • can still revert back to prior versions as usual with changes propagated upstream
  • without leaving the DokuWiki interface

Just for ideas: git in the backend?

How much?

We are offering 300 Euros.

How long?

This offer will stay open until 17th December 2007.

Who wants this?

Word Count

  • I would like a word count function that counts the number of textual words on the page.
  • How much?: $20 USD payable via PayPal
  • Offer open during the months of August and September 2006. I need the word count feature, especially, for the semester beginning in September.
  • Who am I? Professor of Law, Criminal Justice, and Writing at Rutgers and Rowan Universities (and SAHM) junk AT hillaryburgess DOT com. Please include “Wiki Word Count” in the subject of your email.
  • Others: Please offer to contribute to this function.
I created a simple word counter script which will show the number of words while editing. Feel free to donate if this fulfills your needs. — Andreas Gohr 2006-12-15 21:50

Page Info and Word Count

  • I would like a page info function that creates a page on the fly that contains the following information: Last Modified, Last Author, Page Version (Page version is the number of different pages saved), Markup (Markup is the number of significant changes), Size (in kilobytes), Hits(number of times the page has been viewed), number of paragraphs in the document, number of sentences in the document, average sentences per paragraph, average words per sentence, and most importantly word count (the number of textual words on the page).
  • How much?: $30 USD payable via PayPal
  • Offer open during the month of August 2006. I need the word count feature, especially, for the semester beginning in September.
  • Who am I? Professor of Law, Criminal Justice, and Writing at Rutgers and Rowan Universities (and SAHM) junk AT hillaryburgess DOT com. Please include “Wiki Page Info” in the subject of your email.
  • Others: Please offer to contribute to this function.


  • I want 2+ users to be able to edit a single page via partial page edits of specific sections. I have outlined two methods in which it can be done. It seems this may not be a simple plug-in but a rewrite of part of the core? Can some authors comment on this at the link listed? In which case I'd like to discuss with you the best way to do it and bounce it off some of the authors of DokuWiki.
  • How much?: $45 USD
  • My offer is open through July 2006… or until I just do it myself. Contact me.
  • Who am i? Resident of Berkeley, CA, USA. Tim Hon. (my firstname) –at– simulat —|dOt|— c0m.
  • This would be very useful in group editing/whiteboarding situations. I will add USD $50 PayPal dollars to this bounty. Since the previous bounty may currently be expired, I will extend through March 2007. – Pierre Omidyar (first[at]last[dot]net)

* How much?: $25 USD payable via PayPal. contact me: info a@t eziner d0t 0rg I will extend till it done!

WYSIWYG (fully functional)

  • what for?: functional WYSIWYG similar to MoinMoin's WYSIWYG, preferably implemented as a plugin. There is a WYSIWYG started but it seems not to work (doesn't save pages properly)
  • payment?: $25 USD
  • how long? May 2006
  • who am I?: Ryan Knoll, US resident, ryanknoll @at@ yahoo @dot@ com, not affiliated with any company. Can pay with PayPal or other reasonable means.
  • OTHERS: Please add money to this bounty if you want it too!
    • I add 10 EUR via PayPal Konrad Bauckmeier 2006-01-19 09:00
    • I also add 10 EUR via PayPal Alexander Kucera 2006-04-28 10:22
    • I also add 100$ CDN via PayPal Jonathan Kelly 2006-04-05
    • I also add $15 USD via PayPal junk AT hillaryburgess DOT com
    • I also add €10 via PayPal PDD 2006-11-06 20:48
    • Has anyone tested this fckeditor? How well does it work? Are internal links still easy to create? Thanks!
    • A closer read of that FCKeditor in DokuWiki posting says that it doesn't write wiki syntax, but instead writes HTML. It inserts beginning and ending HTML tags around the edited section. I'm thinking about whether this a good or bad thing. My experience with doing large tables in wiki syntax is that it's pretty messy (especially when doing colspan or rowspan activities), so doing the basics in Nvu and copying over into an HTML section of a wiki is somewhat of a relief. If you already have a lot of wiki syntax, then you could end up with pure wiki syntax pages and pure HTML syntax pages. - David Ing, 2007/01/22

this works: we use it on our (internal) site - hoberion


  • I like to add Tags to pages and find them in DokuWiki like described here in Mailing List
  • payment?: 20 EUR
  • how long?: May 2006
  • who am I? Konrad Bauckmeier 2006-01-19 09:01, German. Can pay with PayPal.
  • OTHERS: Please add money to this bounty if you want this feature too!

Esther's blog plugin takes care of this, right? Yeah, this is solved by Esther's plugin. It works great to create page categories. I guess all that's missing is a tag index and a way to search by tags, but if you keep your wiki tidy, it's more than adequate.

maybe something like

Hello, I'm missing tagging, too. Tags are very cool for search in a messy wiki ;-) The blog plugin is to big for me. Only a tag option and some functions that show the taglist like for embedded in some place, I like.

I too am missing tagging. I'll add $25 USD to this bounty, payable via PayPal. Nick Huntington

The blog and tag plugins have been split into different plugins. Can we/you donate to Esther and consider this closed now? — Viktor Söderqvist 2006-11-16 03:22

No, it's not enough. Esther's plugins are fabulous, but the list of tagged articles are not generated automatically. I hope DokuWiki has a built-in mechanism to handle tagging or categorizing, at least as MediaWiki do. — Roberto Ciang 2007-04-02 14:31

Is the tag plugin working as expected now ? — Christophe Gragnic 2008-01-05 16:31

Registration approval process

  • what for?: Config option for registration approval- lets you leave “auto-register” on, but new registrations require admin approval. Saves admins time of adding new users- when clicking an approve link is much preferable. We need this for our Intranet IT-only documentation wiki.
  • payment?: $100 by Company check
  • How Long?: Mar 2007
  • who am I?: — Matt Wilbur 2007-01-03 22:05
  • OTHERS: Please add money to this bounty if you want it too! - or if I'm a bonehead and you know a non-feature-adding way to do this, that works too. I won't offer $100 just to point out that I am a bonehead, just for a reliable and part-of-DokuWiki solution :)
A way of doing this without re-writing the user manager plugin would be to set config for defaultgroup to something like “none” and set up the ACL in the root namespace for that groupname to have the same access as group “ALL” which is unregistered users or users without a group. Then to see a list of users awaiting approval, an admin navigate to the usermanager page and search for users in group “none”. Edit the user to be part of group “user” or whatever group has some rights according to your ACL.
I know this is not the best solution, as it requires a little more than just clicking a link to approve users, nor does it tell the user that he needs to wait for an admin to approve him. But I think it comes pretty close to what you want with minimal effort :) — David Lorentsen 2007-02-22 16:11

A small note: To inform the user that he/she needs to wait for an approval from “Admin”, the notification mail content can be modified and be sent to the user. — C Ravi 2007-08-13

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