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Smartcard Authentication

:!: This is an old authentication backend and works with dokuwiki up to Andora Belle 2012-10-13

For newer dokuwiki releases an auth plugin is required.

You have to update this backend to an auth plugin: authsmartcard Plugin (as successor of smartcard)

This auth backend enables smartcard logins to dokuwiki.

  • You can use multiple authentication backends eg. LDAP, AD and Plain (search and modify against them all)
  • Allow username and password login and Smartcard login or only Smartcard login

Why to use Smart Cards?

  • User don't have to remember passwords on different infosystem
  • Safer (username-password combination can be logged etc, Smartcard keys are only on smartcard:))

Download and Installation

(If something is unclear, create issue and I'll try to make it better.)

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