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CAS only Authentication Backend

This is an old authentication backend and works with dokuwiki up to Andora Belle 2012-10-13

The authplaincas Plugin will work for newer versions of dokuwiki.

This module allows authentication against a CAS server. Contrary to CAS Authentication Backend this authentication backend does not require LDAP.

It does not require any modification to the dokuwiki files when paired with the plugin that comes with it to replace the login screen.

Easy Way


Getting the scripts

First download the code from github and make sure you download the AndoraBelle branch

The inc and lib folders correspond to your dokuwiki inc and lib folders.

Unpack this archive in your dokuwiki folder.

Then download the phpCAS library from and extract it to the folder phpCAS in inc that is prepared for you.


The phpCas library needs

  • CURL 7.5+
  • PHP 4.3.1+, PEAR DB
  • Apache 2.0.44+

CURL libs must be present on your system, and they must have been compiled with SSL support. More informations on phpCas requirements


The CAS plugin needs to be customized a bit in order to be useful. The file plaincas.settings.php can be copied to your conf folder and the three functions can be adapted.

You need to know what attributes your CAS server delivers and set an array to contain all the useful attributes that you would like to match against the regular expressions.

This requires a minimal amount of php knowledge to customize.

in local.php you should at least configure:

$conf['authtype'] = 'plaincas';
$conf['auth']['plaincas']['server'] = 'cas.server.tld'; 
$conf['auth']['plaincas']['rootcas'] = '/cas';

The configuration can also include a set of minimal groups in order to consider a user as a user and save him.

In general the authentication is made to be fairly flexible, yet easy to leverage the CAS authentication and authorization.

feedback is welcome: wpa at esn dot org

The development of this authentication plugin was supported by the European Youth Foundation

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