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So I tried the other UNB example and I could never get it to work. I'm using the most recent version of DokuWiki (2008-05-05), MySQL 5.0.51, and UNB 1.6.4.full. I did have an extra requirement though of I only wanted members of certain groups to be able to log into the wiki in order to make edits.

So here is a list of all of the changes I've had to make in order to hack this together. I don't think I missed anything, but you can always email me (jon at purplefoot dot com) if you have any problems and I'll see if I can help (assuming it's the same versions since it's all I have =)).

If I have to change anything else I'll try to remember to come back and list it here as well.

$conf['useacl']      = 1;             // Must be enabled
$conf['autopasswd']  = 0;             // Must be disabled
$conf['authtype']    = 'mysql';       // Should be obvious
$conf['passcrypt']   = 'md5';         // I'm actually ignoring this... see farther down.  :)
$conf['superuser']   = 'SomeUser';    // Username of Admin in UNB
$conf['disableactions'] = 'register,resendpwd';

I have two selects here for checkPass. The first one would let any member of forums log into the wiki. The rest of my file is the same as the example.

$conf['auth']['mysql']['checkPass']   = "SELECT Password AS pass
                                         FROM unb1_Users
                                         WHERE Name='%{user}'";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['checkPass']   = "SELECT Password AS pass
                                         FROM unb1_Users u
                                         WHERE Name='%{user}'
                                             AND (SELECT COUNT(1) AS level
                                                  FROM unb1_GroupMembers gm
                                                  WHERE User = u.ID AND gm.Group IN (3,4)) > 0";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['getUserInfo'] = "SELECT Password AS pass, Name AS name, EMail AS mail
                                         FROM unb1_Users
                                         WHERE Name='%{user}'";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['getGroups']   = "SELECT gn.Name as `group`
                                         FROM unb1_GroupMembers gm, unb1_Users u, unb1_GroupNames gn
                                         WHERE u.ID = gm.User
                                         AND gn.ID = gm.Group
                                         AND u.Name='%{user}'";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['getUsers']    = "SELECT DISTINCT u.Name AS 'user'
                                         FROM unb1_Users AS u
                                         LEFT JOIN unb1_GroupMembers AS gm ON u.ID=gm.User
                                         LEFT JOIN unb1_GroupNames AS gn ON gm.Group=gn.ID";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['FilterLogin'] = "u.Name LIKE '%{user}'";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['FilterName']  = "u.Name LIKE '%{name}'";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['FilterEmail'] = "u.Email LIKE '%{email}'";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['FilterGroup'] = "gn.Name LIKE '%{group}'";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['SortOrder']   = "ORDER BY u.Name";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['getUserID']   = "SELECT ID AS id
                                         FROM unb1_Users
                                         WHERE Name='%{user}'";

In function auth_cryptPassword I added this case:

    case 'kmd5':
      $key = substr($salt, 16, 2);
      $hash1 = strtolower(md5($key . md5($clear)));
      $hash2 = substr($hash1, 0, 16) . $key . substr($hash1, 16);
      return $hash2;

And in function auth_verifyPassword I added this elseif:

  }elseif($len == 34){
    $method = 'kmd5';
    $salt   = $crypt;
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