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« MySQL Authentification Backend


This configuration worked for me with MySQL version 5 and Nucleus 3.24. Andreas Mischinski 2007-01-07 18:50

$conf['auth']['mysql']['checkPass']= "SELECT mpassword AS login
                                        FROM nucleus_member
                                        WHERE mname='%{user}'
                                        AND mpassword=MD5('%{pass}')";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['getUserInfo'] = "SELECT mpassword AS pass, mname AS name, memail AS mail
                                        FROM nucleus_member
                                        WHERE mname='%{user}'";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['getGroups']   = "SELECT bname as `group`
                                        FROM nucleus_blog a, nucleus_member b, nucleus_team c
                                        WHERE b.mnumber = c.tnumber
                                        AND a.bnumber = c.tblog
                                        AND b.mname='%{user}'";
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