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:!: Untested with new MySQL backend

If you want to hook-up DokuWiki to authenticate with an InvisionBoard forum (MySQL code is for Version 2 of InvisionBoard and up) (for users) then you can use the following:

$conf['auth']['mysql']['passcheck']= "SELECT name AS 'login'
                                        FROM ibf_members, ibf_members_converge
                                         AND name='%u'
                                         AND converge_pass_hash = MD5(CONCAT(MD5(converge_pass_salt),MD5('%p')))";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['userinfo'] = "SELECT name, email AS mail
                                        FROM ibf_members
                                       WHERE name='%u'";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['groups']   = "SELECT ibf_groups.g_title as `group`
                                        FROM ibf_members, ibf_groups
                                       WHERE ibf_members.mgroup=ibf_groups.g_id

Remember however, that users can't register via the wiki. So you may want to change the register link to the InvisionBoard registration page.

Does anyone know how to get the integration with the new MySQL backend?

New MySQL backend

The following queries seems to work with Invision Board 2 and the new MySQL backend. Remember to replace table names with the good prefix (ipb_ or ibf_) :

$conf['auth']['mysql']['checkPass']= "SELECT name AS 'login'
                                        FROM ipb_members m LEFT JOIN ipb_members_converge c ON
                                       WHERE name='%{user}'
                                         AND converge_pass_hash = MD5(CONCAT(MD5(converge_pass_salt),MD5('%{pass}')))";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['getUserInfo'] = "SELECT name, email AS mail
                                        FROM ipb_members
                                       WHERE name='%{user}'";
$conf['auth']['mysql']['getGroups']   = "SELECT mgroup as `group`
                                        FROM ipb_members
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