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Admin window

If you use ACL, you are logged in and you have enough rights, you will see an Admin button on your page. Clicking this button will take you to DokuWiki's Administration Menu. The standard menu for administrators (superusers) is:

Admin plugins can add other choices to the menu.

Users with “Manager rights” will see a similar menu, but with some of the choices removed.

Access Control List Management

Through this part, you can set up the rights on your pages and namespaces. See ACL for more info.

User Manager

This entry leads you to a screen where you can manage your users and their profiles. See User Manager

Manage Extensions

On this page you can manage everything to do with DokuWiki extensions. To be able to download and install a plugin or template your plugin or template folder must be writable by the webserver. See the Extension Manager

Revert Manager

This page helps you with the automatic reversion of a spam attack. See Revert Manager.

Configuration Settings

Use this page to control the settings of your DokuWiki installation. For help on individual settings refer to config. For more details about this plugin see Configuration Manager.

Popularity Feedback

This tool gathers anonymous data about your wiki and allows you to send it back to the DokuWiki developers. This helps them to understand how DokuWiki is used by its users and makes sure future development decisions are backed up by real world usage statistics. See popularity

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