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plugin Plugin for displaying Flash movie navigation clouds

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This plugin enables you to use a Flash movie to display a nice rotating 3D word/tag cloud, for example Roy Tanck's movie. A special feature is the ability to display all root namespaces of your Wiki installation.

Download and Installation

Step 1. Download and install the plugin using the Plugin Manager using the URL given above. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Step 2. Find latest version of, for example Roy Tanck's Cumulus GitHub project Flash movie, a file called “tagcloud.swf” and put it in the plugin folder.

:!: The Flash movie is NOT included in the download :!:

This inconvenience because the Roy's Flash movie is released under GPL v3 and I'm a little bit hesitant to include it in the download. This plugin just plays any file called “tagcloud.swf” in the plugin folder ;-).






All properties described above can also be set in the configuration manager.

showtags — The plugin always includes all tags as standard HTML <a> links in a hidden <div> for SEO purposes but this setting decides if it should be visible as a “standard” tag cloud if the users browser doesn't support Flash 9 movies. The cloud will have same CSS class as the cloud.


The code itself is pretty straight forward. It's an example how to use DokuWiki core function html_flashobject() to play a Flash movie.

Change Log


English is included. If you make a translation to another language I'm happy to include it, use Git, mail me or paste it on this page.


Thank you for inspiration Roy Tanck. Gina Häußge, Michael Klier and Esther Brunner has also contributed by making the Cloud plugin.


1. There is a built-in check for the presence of the flash movie, if it's not in the correct location a message “The file tagcloud.swf is not found” will appear. This means it has wrong name or doesn't exist in the ..lib/plugin/cumulus/ directory.

2. If your browser can't load the Adobe flash player application there will be a message “Download Flash Player 9 or better for full experience”. This can be caused by no or to old flash player, incompatible browser (Firefox 3.6 works) or other reasons.

3. If the plugin just creates a black box, the flash movie has started but was supplied with faulty parameters. Try displaying the basic word cloud with


If you still have problems, please supply information about DokuWiki version/Browser type&version/Flash version etc.


Hi, I installed the plugin manually and it is working good. I just wonder if there is a way to include subnamespaces in the cloud (for example - ns1:ns2). The syntax I'm using is as follows and it lists only the namespaces in the root (and I have several subnamespaces)



I'll put it on the list for a rainy day — HåkanSHåkanS

2011/01/04 22:06

I've rewritten a number of comments from people experiencing trouble into a trouble shooting guide, but feel free to add more. ;-)HåkanSHåkanS

2011/01/04 22:06

Hi, while tags are correctly produced with diacritical signs (like à, é, ê…) there are not well handled by the cumulus plugin. For example, if I have a tage actualité then the link produced by cliking on the cumulus is tag:actualite?do=showtag&tag=actualite which is wrong since the correct tag is tag:actualite?do=showtag&tag=actualité. Some kind of wiki-isation of the tagname should not be made… Thank you for your time and your very nice plugin! — OlivierMichelOlivierMichel

2011/03/09 15:22

Hi,@OlivierMichel, I had the same problem with a tag like “base_de_données”. I made 2 modifications on the syntax.php file :

$link = wl($id, array('do'=>'showtag', 'tag'=>noNS($word)), true);
// $link = wl($id, array('do'=>'showtag', 'tag'=>noNS($id)), true);
$xmlCloude .= '<a href="' .$link . '" class="' . $class .'"' .' title="' . $title . '" style="font-size: '. $fsize .'pt;">' . str_replace('_',' ',$name) . '</a>' . DOKU_LF;
// $xmlCloude .= '<a href="' .$link . '" class="' . $class .'"' .' title="' . $title . '" style="font-size: '. $fsize .'pt;">' . $name . '</a>' . DOKU_LF;

MathieuBossaertMathieu Bossaert

2011/08/11 13:17

Thank you so much! This indeed solves the problem. — OlivierMichelOlivierMichel

2012/02/20 20:33

FIX : Download Flash Player 9 issue

For people who have this issue, check syntax.php file around line 71 :

$movie = 'lib/plugins/'.$movie.'?r='.rand(0,9999999); 
// $movie = '/lib/plugins/'.$movie.'?r='.rand(0,9999999);

With the “/” at the begiging of the link's path dokuwiki is looking for “lib” directory at the root path.
But if your wiki is stored in subdirectory your path should be “lib” without “/” sorry for this translation. Edit me if you have better explains :) — Pierrick LepaingardSadness

2012/06/18 14:54