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IRC channel

The DokuWiki has an official #dokuwiki chat channel at Freenode.

Feel free to join at irc://


People without an IRC Client available, can use the webchat provided by Freenode (just enter a nickname, connect and chat).

Registering your Nick

While at IRC it is a benefit to register the nick, so nobody else can use it. Look here for an step-by-step guide: Freenode KB - Nicksetup

Channel Rules

Channel Logs and Bots

The IRC channel is logged by a bot called dokubot. Searchable chat logs are available at When the log is blank, tell splitbrain in the channel. The bot tends to die sometimes and needs a restart then.

dokubot also automatically posts links to bug reports and pages at He also serves a small choice of beverages.

Another bot, called CIA-*, posts live commit messages from github. This bot is operated by which also offers a few commit statistics FIXME 2).

Channel Meetups

Developers, community managers and people interested in helping out meet in the IRC channel on a regular basis.

Learn more about IRC meetups here.

About Freenode

Freenode provides free (as in beer) IRC chat facilities for Free and Open Source Software communities like DokuWiki. They are doing a great and valuable service for the whole Open Source world. If you got help on the DokuWiki IRC channel, please consider donating to Freenode FIXME 3).

most developers are from Europe so try to adjust to the CET timezone if possible
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