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DokuWiki Installer

The setup script install.php assists you to do your initial DokuWiki setup. It checks for the availability of required PHP functions and checks for needed file permissions. It also creates an initial administrator account and an initial ACL policy. To run the installer, open the page http://[dokuwikiPath]/install.php in the web browser. (For security reasons it will only work with a new and unmodified DokuWiki installation.)

Read further for description of the fields and an explanation of errors for troubleshooting.

The fields to fill in

These are the options you may set in the installer and their meaning.

Possible error message

The installer will check certain requirements to make sure the server you want to install DokuWiki to is able to run it. The following messages may be shown by the installer.

xxx is not writable by DokuWiki. You need to fix the permission settings of this directory!
This is probably the most common error. You need to make the indicated directory writable by the webserver. Refer to permissions for more info.

Another probable cause is if you tried to move the data and conf directories (Read description on Security before executing the installer. The move operation must be realized only after the end of the installation process.)

SELinux issue

If it still doesn't work, then probably it's a selinux issue which is not allowing the webserver process to write to these directories. You can confirm this issue by disabling selinux and try executing your php web service again (sudo setenforce 0).

If the above step solves your issue, then re-enable selinux (sudo setenforce 1), and run following commands from terminal.

# grep httpd /var/log/audit/audit.log | audit2allow -M mypol

# semodule -i mypol.pp

PHP function xxx is not available. Maybe your hosting provider disabled it for some reason?
This means a certain function usually provided by the PHP interpreter was not found. This can mean your PHP version is too old (DokuWiki needs PHP 5.3.3 at least), you are missing a certain PHP extension (unlikely) or your provider disabled the function for some reason.

You need to fix this problem somehow or DokuWiki won't work. So either upgrade your PHP version or ask your provider to check the PHP settings.

xxx - illegal or empty value
You entered a value which is not allowed for that field. See field descriptions for what each field expects.