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How Do I Get Support

Please understand that the authors of the software can not provide any personal support. So do not email them directly1). Instead use one of the options listed below.

Community Support

There are several ways to get free support for DokuWiki provided by its active community. The best places to get in contact are:

Before asking a question make sure to understand a few things:


If you want a certain feature but can't afford to hire a professional service provider from the list below, you might want to setup a bounty instead. When others think your feature idea is a great one, they might even join and chip into the bounty as well.

Bounties are a good way to attract freelance developers, but if and when your bounty will be picked up isn't certain.

Professional Support and Services

As for any open source software you can find professional help provided by various companies around the world. DokuWiki consultants and service providers are listed at WikiMatrix:

exceptions are usually 3rd party plugin and template developers if there's no other way to contact them